AR-15 pistol (mil-spec)

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    I'm looking for an AR pistol that uses mil-spec parts mainly so I can use my .22 conversion kit in it. All metal. These go for around $950 new from rock river arms.

    I have trades:

    *AK-47 rifle with ultimak lower tri rail, ultimak gas tube rail, tapco trig. High quality add on's. + 2 mags $900obo

    *AK-47 pistol with UTG quad rail, tapco trig. + 2 mags $700obo

    *Hi point 9mm carbine with ATI stock. + 3 mags $400obo

    *Colt model "colt 22" auto pistol. + 3 mags $300obo

    *60 rids of 308 .75ea

    *about 80 rnds of 303 copper case .50ea

    *500 rnds 7.62X39 (Trade only)

    *500 rnds 5.56 green tip (Trade only)

    *100 rnds .45 $35

    *10,000 rnds .22 (Trade only)

    * 50 rusted, oil soaked 30rnd AK-47 mags ($8ea if you buy the lot)

    *5 nib 25rnd butler creek 10/22 smoke mags $25

    *Plastic brass catcher for flat top AR-15 (works 100%) $50

    *Weaver 2.5X5.5 power scope w/o rings $100

    *Glock 23 threaded barrel with thread protector. $100

    *9mm compensator. $25

    *Fobus paddle holster for Glock 23 $20

    *Blackhawk serpa holster (green) $Priceless

    *AE Nelson pancake holster for S&W 3953 $25

    *Mako charging handle for glock $45

    *Mako scope mount for glock $30

    *AR adjustable rear irons (next generation arms) $35

    *rcbs 303 dies

    *4 throwing knifes $5ea

    *oversized folding knife with sheath $5

    *dosco sport plastic rifle case $15

    * no name plastic rifle case $15

    $4,000.00 takes all

    What's your offer?
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