WTS OR AR-15 Parts (Pistol Grips, Buttstocks, AFGs, etc) and Colt AR-15 Magazines.

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    Hello, I am cleaning out the AR Parts bin and here is what I have.

    From Left to Right:

    AR-15 Houge Extended Pistol Grip ($20)
    AR-15 Houge Extended Pistol Grip ($20)
    AR-15 Blackhawk Pistol Grip ($14)
    AR15-Tango Down Pistol Grip ($23)


    From Left to Right:

    Magpul AFG-1 ($22 shipped)
    AR-15 Magpul Miad w/FDE inserts ($25 shipped)
    Magpul RVG ($15 shipped)
    (8 Full) XTM Panels ($14 shipped)
    AR-15 Magpul K-2 ($16 shipped)
    Take the whole Magpul lot for ($80 shipped).

    **Disclaimer they have been spray painted and are not their original color, however I imagine some mineral spirits/paint thinner and some elbow grease will restore them back to their original colors, will not refund items due to you not liking the new color/pattern**


    AR 15 Magazines--As you can see they are all used. The (2) 20 rounders to the left are Colt, the (10) 30 rounders in the middle are Colt, the (3) 20 rounders to the right are 2 Adventure Line and 1 Unmarked.

    (10) Colt 30 Round AR-15 Mags ($12/ea)
    (2) Colt 20 Round AR-15 Mags ($15/ ea)
    (3) Adventureline/Unknown 20 Rounders $(7/ea)

    Will sell the whole lot of Mags for $140 shipped (15 total)
    Will sell all of the Colt mags for $125 shipped (12 Total)

    The prices above (per mag) include shipping if you are purchasing 5+ magazines. If you purchase less than 5, shipping will be $5.95 via priority mail w/tracking number.


    Next off is a Magpul ACS-L Buttstock (For Commercial Buffer Tubes).

    Magpul ACS-L $75 shipped
    Magpul ACS-L w/ commercial buffer tube/spring/castle nut/retainer plate $105 shipped.


    I accept Paypal Gift (or add 3.5%) or USPS Money Orders Only.

    I am willing to entertain all REASONABLE offers, so if you don't like a price, feel free to PM me!
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