AR-15 optics suggestions

New to the world of AR-15's. I have Mag pul iron flip ups, but looking for something I can reach out to 100 to 200 yards with on the cheaper end. I'm not going to be shooting past 200 any time soon so I can't justify throwing my Weaver on there. Any suggestions? :s0107:
A good bargain option is Primary Arms. It's no Aimpoint or Trijicon, but for the money it's a surprisingly good dot.

I have a couple and so far they have held up well. I still don't trust them like some of the higher end brands, but if you're not going to war I think it will do you well.

It's not as bombproof as an Aimpoint Micro, but the PA actually has clearer glass.

Another thing to consider is one of the cheaper 1-4x Leupold variable scopes. Leupold is solid, even their cheaper models, and even for 200 yard shots it's nice to have some magnification for target identification.

For close in applications, nothing is faster than a dot. And a dot can be used to take surprisingly long shots.

But a 1-4 is almost as fast, and gives you more options. I would choose a 1-4 for a "do most things well" option.


Look into Vortex as well. They have red dots and small magnified scopes that can be had for super cheap on sale.
Go with the primary arm or a leupold mark AR.

I would recommend you stay away from the low end vortex scopes, I had 2 and they both had to get sent back.

As you're seeing, the members here are more than willing to assist your search for optics. I suggest you give the folks here a (max) price range you want spend, so they can share their thoughts, on the best range of optics for your budget


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