I'm trying to get back into the AK platform. I enjoy my AR, I just honestly didn't think I would miss my AK enough to switch back. +/- cash going either way, dependign on trade.

Blackwell Lower with Doublestar upper, lower is new, upper has less than 200 rounds through it.
1x9 twist, chrome moly
Magpul MOE handguard
Magpul MOE pistol grip
Magpul MOE butstock, all in OD Green.
Magpul Mbus flip up rear sights.
1 Tango Down 30 Round Black Polymer magazines.
EDIT: I forgot to add that there is also a Bravo Company charging handle also.

It is the rifle on the bottom. (Optic not included).

I could also throw in 6 more mags (tango down and magpul), the Primary Arms optic and up to 1200ish rounds of .223 (Silverbear, Tula Company, Federal) for the right package.

I'm will nto hurt me by any means to hang onto the rifle, so no lowball offers please. I also do not mind WASR 10's, I've owned several and have always enjoyed them.

If you have a lower valued rifle, I'd be interested in other things to make up the difference (ammo, optics, handguns etc) so it will not hurt to propose a trade with pretty much anything firearm related!

Will take $750 cash FIRM.
How much extra for the Aimpoint M3 or M2 or is that a clone? I know you said not included, but honestly, money talks. Pm sent.

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