Ar-15 Bushmaster, full length, a2 fixed stock, true glow red dot site, magpull grips.

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    I am looking to sell my prized full length Ar15, A2 rifle, with forward assist and accessories. It comes with a true glow red dot green dot sight with multiple brightness settings, and a few different dot shapes that can be switched at any time with a flick of a button ( batteries not included). A magpul, fore grip, and vertical grip, and a carry handle rail insert (allowing use of iron sights as well as what ever accessory you may want to have atop the rail) I will also throw in four 30 round magazines as well.
    I very much adore this rifle, but recently I have turned my focus and attention to Handguns, and other personal needs will be met by the selling of this wonderful rifle.
    with everything included - I am selling for $1,120.00.

    Bare bones / stock version of rifle I will sell for $1,000.00


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