I was in a similar boat. I blindly followed the path set out for gun owners, that we were supposed to be pro police. Like it’s part of some package deal. Own guns, “Comgrats, here is your thin blue line T-shirt.”

I’m not saying this is you, but I too didn’t know much.

I’m at the point where I gravely respect police officers for the F’d up bubblegum they have to deal with. The absolutely horrible work conditions and hours. The most depressing part is the absolute lack of training and education. Or corrupt training and education.

In this video, someone somewhere up the ladder knows they are sending these two to perform a non warrant stop. While perfectly legal to do so, the CONSTITUTION protects you from these. THEY ALREADY KNOW THIS. Even the two ladies at the door know. They BLATANTLY discuss the fact they have NOTHING on the guy.

It’s a hard topic. There are lots of details that muddy the water. At the end I’m not against removing QI from officers. I’m also not against changing our policing systems. Better training and education.

Let’s put it this way. To practice medicine, you need years of education. Even more time experiencing medicine to get good at it.

To be a lawyer, you need years of education, and many years of experience practicing to be considered good.

To ENFORCE laws, aka be a police officer, there is no education requirement. Training is little to none depending on the state and or city. Experience is often not there as most don’t make it that long or those in it long enough leave.

We place more value on two of the three and it is becoming very obvious we made a mistake.

If we didn’t treat Police Officers jobs like that of a Garbage Man’s. Maybe we wouldn’t be in this boat. Society needs enforcement or we get Portland. However society needs better enforcement at the same time.
This is one of the better comments ive ever read discussing QI. Im not loyal to any political cause so I keep an open mind on this, just that QI has been a difficult one to learn the full context. There are lots of examples like the one youve shown her, there are also lots of examples of police being falsely accused and those cases have been elevated to national level to push political agendas and profit. Its tough to weed thru the mess, but im a lot more open to what your saying here than it may seem. Thank you. Good discussion here.

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