Apparently the ammo shortage is over

What do you consider to be a fair price for .223 FMJ ammo? Steel case? Brass case?
I just picked up 2k of loose .223 from a very nice guy down in Springfield, OR- I paid $750 and didn't even blink. Stores down in CA are selling it for $12/ box.of 20, and you can bet as well get close to November it will go up even more.

If you can get it for $.40-.50/rd, get what you think what you need and don't hesitate. If we get to the point where we really need it, and you don't have it, it will be too late.

Sportsman's in Tanasbourne was picked clean yesterday. Fisherman's in Tigard had some S&B 45ACP. I got my 4 box limit. Other than that there was some 25ACP and 32ACP. Folks at both places were pretty friendly though. All I can say regarding ammo is to buy it when you see it. On a lighter note, at least Costco has finally got the good TP back in stock.
Just spent an hour on dice for 556 anywhere. Guess I'll have to stand in line and hope while cursing my own lack of preparation. We've been trying to limit time in public because 1: I'm anti social plague or no plague and 2; I've got a six month old at home.
wish me luck
If anyone sees any 30-30, I just realized my rifle is coming back from being serviced at Mossberg and I don't even have any ammo to shoot out of it!

Wow! You don't even have one box of ammo for your rifle?!

I do not know if this will help you where you live (Another state.) but once in a very blue moon with the craziness that is going on now when it comes to ammunition... my husband has seen some 150 grain and 170 grain 30-30 Win made by Federal Power-Shok and Remington Core-Lokt @ a Walmart store. He may only see 1 or 2 boxes once in a blue moon by either maker.

Most of the other sporting goods stores have been OUT of 30-30 Win ammunition around here. Walmart has been OUT of it often as I have stated in other threads all around here.

My husband reloads (Since the early 70's.) but he has always kept a BIT of factory made ammunition in stock for his 45acp pistols and several 30-30 rifles. He is down to one 30-30 rifle and two 45acp pistols now.

There are several ammunition makers on THIS forum too. Check them out too.

Maybe a person on this forum can help you out with 1 or 2 boxes of ammo if you live close to them too.

Best wishes to you.



If anyone sees any 30-30, I just realized my rifle is coming back from being serviced at Mossberg and I don't even have any ammo to shoot out of it!
Since I do not shoot or own one not sure what price it is "normally" but there is some out there. SG Ammo and LAX Ammo both have some in stock right now.


Another forum I belong to had some of the guys commenting that they wouldn’t be surprised to see 9mm at a dollar a round by election time....
The price will go as high as people are willing to pay for as long as people keep grabbing every thing as fast as it comes out. Just takes a while till enough people have enough stacked in the place to stop. Some of the ammo is of course grabbed up by some of the bigger resellers to try to make some bank while they can. The ammo still rolls out of the plants daily. I can understand the people who just bought a gun for the first time due to this unrest. I for the life of me do not get the gun owners who live through panic shortage after panic shortage and never seem to learn :confused:
The last great .22 shortage was the longest one in my memory but it too ended. You could again get my favorite ammo, CCI MM for $6 a sleeve of 100. I never thought I would see it that cheap again as during the panic I was buying it at $7.50 a sleeve and was happy with that. Stuff was on sale all the time, no one wanted it. Well here we go with another panic and again people are caught off guard.:eek:
This panic too will end. Shelves will fill, people will ignore it. :(
I think that these so called 'shortages' (Fake or real.) will continue LONG after 11/2020.

My husband and I watch these things on and off on a fairly regular basis.

Reloading stock/supplies, factory CF and RF ammunition, some shotgun gauge shells, firearms and other gun related stuff will continue to be short in stores and online.

Prices have really gone up in all things and not just due to inflation.

I do not understand how long time gun owners can live through these things and not learn by them whether it is due to an election or more gun laws, bans, restrictions, etc. coming up again AND with this MESS concerning riots, inflation, the 'flu', etc. - ALL of that should teach a Newbie something and remind an old gun owner about 'shortages'. History!

I can understand if they were short on money and slowly adding to their supplies a bit at a time.

Newbies coming into the gun world due to their age where they could finally buy their own firearms, change of thoughts due to the political climate, and/or for any other REASON need to be sure that they have ammunition even if it is a small amount on hand BEFORE they buy their first gun IF they can find what they really want or something else if it is their second choice.

Some FFL dealers are saving some ammo for gun sales so the gun buyer has something to FEED his new gun. I think that IS a good idea too.

Best wishes to all of the Newbies in the gun world. Best wishes to the other people who may need something too.

If you are an older person (Or younger person!) and downsizing your firearms or consolidating your firearm calibers... maybe you could help out another person too. Downsize in one thing and add some more to your keeper caliber in x, y or z.



The ammo shortage is far from over. Recent sellers on the forum are asking and getting $340 a thousand for 9mm FMJ. Today I noticed an ad asking $25 a box for Blazer 9mm FMJ. ($500 a thousand)
I've seen this. I can't really figure it out though? If I had many cases of 9mm it doesn't seem worth it to sell at twice the price. If I actually shoot 9 on a fairly regular basis I'm going to need that ammo. I can't load money and shoot it. I'd let some go to friends/family for free or price I paid. Another reason I wouldn't sell at twice the price is I'm not one to be scalping ammo. Even if I did spend all my free time and available money on buying piles of 9mm for the last 5 years. In the grand scheme, it isn't that much money. And, I'd see my self as a "turd" too. I don't need that.

One thing about all that gives me a warm feeling inside? All these years of reading about those aren't going to mess with loading 9mm! At the rate I shoot, I could shoot for years with all the 9mm components I have!


I'm really glad I got into reloading last year. Bought enough supplies to reload 2k 5.56 and 500 9mm.

Might not be much, but I'm happy knowing I have components and the hardware already setup.

I've been selling some of my ammo reserves, partly because I'm moving from "plinking" to more accuracy focused reloaded rounds. I'm keeping plenty of factory rounds, but the days of me going through 500-700 rounds at the range are postponed for the indefinite future!

I get the matra of being good to your fellow gun owner.

There's certainly a balance.

I'd been setting aside side cash for my dream pistol build. As a father of 4, it's been about 5 years of saving up!

Well last month I hit my target, and you know what? That upper I wanted was up $240.

I had some 9mm I bought at 24 cents per round. I listed here at 30-33 cents after seeing the market asking 50.

Sold fast, I made enough above what I spent to justify spending the difference.

Since then, I've just been helping friends source online (getting harder).


Several acquaintances have been asking me about buying or possibly building an ar 15 with all the craziness afoot. I tell them it is possible but it is going to be a bit of a hodge podge to build one or quite expensive to buy complete as prices have gone up considerably. I then ask them if they have a stash of ammo already, to which they inevitably reply, no I will have to buy some. This is where I chuckle and give them a couple leads where to possibly buy some online and local. A month ago a couple of them found some here and there in decent quantities for what I would call a pretty high price but they secured it. Last week I had another query from a friend and sent him on an ammo quest and so far no dice on 223/5.56 ammo. He then asked if I would sell him some and I said no but if you are dead serious about obtaining an AR 15, get one and and I will give you 100rds to sight rifle in and have the rest for reserve until you can purchase more. I am hoping ammo and reloading components become readily available again as I have lived through many of these cycles now but I will not hold my breath.


Wow.. just checked Midway for primers, lowest I've ever seen on availability. They had one brand of large rifle magnum primers, one of 209 shotshell primers, and 4 brands of muzzle-loader primers. That's it, that's all.


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