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At the 5:00 mark, he shows that most of the threads are stripped. Not all, but much more than half, and this is consistent with threaded fastener failure that I've seen (I'm an auto tech).
Volatility is a measure of how readily something evaporates; it has little to do with combustion and nothing to do with potential energy per se.
correct on what volatility is... has everything to do with combustion and potential energy if you are losing chemicals and bonds are breaking because of heat then you can have higher or lower pressures because burn rates can change... Look up shooting bullets on a hot day and pressure changes in a bullet can change drastically because of temps. High pressures can blow up guns from too much powder but also with guns like .243s and the powders they use if you under charge a cartridge you can blow the gun up too, fun fact. Anyways there are a lot of things that can happen with rounds if not kept dry and stored properly over time.
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