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Anyone try out the CMMG 22Lr conversion kit for Ar-15?

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by manakiah, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. manakiah

    manakiah Issaquah Wa Member

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    Has anyone tried out the CMMG 22 Lr Conversion Kit for there AR-15? Thans Jason
  2. Beagle

    Beagle Puyallup WA Member

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    I have the spikes tactical upper that uses the cmmg 22 kit.
    they work great! i used a couple different types of ammo and all worked except some old stuff i had hanging around. as with most 22's the cci mini mag worked flawless and the remington hi velosity was good to.
    i was going to buy just the kit but had a chance to get the complete upper and went that way.i would make sure you bought one of the newer nickel plated ones.they seem to be smoother and are really easy to clean.
  3. mrckd4

    mrckd4 Snohomish County, WA Member

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    They work great but when you get it, soak it in a cleaning oil overnight and dry well before using. You will see why when you do it, they are nasty dirty from the factory.
    Remember to run a patch down the barrel before switching back to 223. The 22's are slightly smaller diameter and will leave a film inside the barrel. It's better to clean it out with a patch than a bullet. :thumbup:
  4. krawl

    krawl Oregon Member

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    I stock them and have run them. They're great imho. Def run something like CCI Mini-mags for best performance/reliability. Mine does good with the Federal bulk, not soo good with golden bullets.
  5. drand

    drand Stayton Member

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    I just bought one. The only downside I would say is loading mags. It is very easy to dump mags through it.