That headline is total click bait. They didn’t “smoke some crips”. They gave them something to think about but it seems like only one dude got shot.

I was expecting them to have rifles, armor, knight vision. After watching the video I realized all that stuff wasn’t easily accessible, or affordable, to people in the 80s. And it’s not like the army sends people home with their gear.

If something like that happens today it’s easy to get body armor, night vision gear, rifles, etc.
I prefer to think that the Rangers were being careful to reduce the casualties, and also avoid collateral damage as much as possible. They were well aware that the Army would not be happy about this, were not willing to put their future at risk by killing a bunch of drug-dealing gang members. I suspect most shots were aimed to make the Crips keep their heads down, and the bullets planned to end up in areas where bystanders and homes would not be hit.

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