Ok here's the deal. I carry my M&p9 compact all day everyday in an USB holster and like it a lot. It shoots great and it's never had any type of problem at all. It has an Apex duty/carry kit which improves the trigger a lot.

I also have an Xdm full size 4.5 45acp that I absolutely love to shoot but isn't practical to carry so I don't.

No to you guys who carry an Xdm 3.8 compact how to you like it? Is it heavier? Do you have any experience with an M&P compact for comparison? Any other comments about it?

Like I said I do really like my M&P but I love my Xdm. That's what brought this question about.

Thanks for all the input everyone.
I used to carry an xdm 3.8 in 9mm.... then i got a kimber solo...

it definitely is heavier and fatter... but I was ok with it in a crossbreed ST
I did for a year with a Raven phantom iwb.
The holster was awesome, but the weight of the gun would pull my paints down until I found a good belt.
Not as comfortable as my xds45, but I also lost 6 rounds in the xds mag.

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