Anyone know anything about custom Mauser action rifles?

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    I have a custom Mauser action in .338 Win Mag that I inherited. I almost traded it today for a $550 handgun, but after pulling it out of the safe I realized I was making a big mistake. I received it a couple of years ago, and other than the occasional oiling, it's been a safe queen ever since. The action is damn near flawless, as is the bore. Someone put some love into building this rifle. I don't know much about it other than who owned it last. If anyone can give me any information at all about rifles like this I'd sure appreciate it. I don't even know ballpark what it's worth, or what they might go for, even just for insurance and will purposes. I sure could use some help here if someone knows of what they speak. Here's some pictures.
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    looks like an ex-military rifle, with the strip loading hump intact and thumb cut on the side of the receiver and the locking screws in the trigger guard area.
    It was however very nicely done and in one hell of a caliber. Nice generic stock, low mount safety and graceful bolt handle, if it's tight and bright
    I would say between $400 - $600, there may be identifying marks under the front scope mount, or the side of the action or on the barrel below the wood line,
    there where so many variants that without more info it would be hard to identify, close ups of the those areas mentioned may reveal the secrets. examples
    42-1940 002.jpg 42-1940 004.jpg

    42-1940 002.jpg

    42-1940 004.jpg

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