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sorry to hear that.

I don't know if sealed is same as sealed and expunged. I guess it doesn't' matter since you were able to buy firearms.

like others mentioned, it doesn't hurt to open the case and ask / call them what actually happened.
Since you were able to recently buy other guns with a BGC, can you resubmit a new BGC and see if that one goes thru? Try using your CHL as the ID for the check instead of a DL.
I'm not sure how all that stuff works. But I've heard a few weird stories over the years. The one conclusion that I came to was that it's gotten more difficult to fly under the radar as time has gone by. The definition of "sealed" seems to be elastic. LEO's aren't supposed to have access to sealed juvie records, yet obviously someone in the BGC process has that access as mentioned in the OP.

Which brings me to wonder, how did the OP get the CPL? My suggestion would be to not mention the BGC failure to the issuing authority for the CPL. One of my pals around here had a CPL for ages. He had a felony assault conviction (he says his lawyer advised him to plead out and he didn't realize it was to a felony) from 1974. Then one day about 8 or 10 years ago, the chief of police in his smaller city came around to his house and revoked his CPL in person.

I am conflicted in giving advice on this situation. On the one hand, the OP is young and has a lot of years ahead to suffer this problem. Getting it straightened out earlier in life seems like the thing to do. Even if it involves legal counsel. On the other hand, stirring up the pot might cause him to lose his CPL.
Welp; I ordered a pistol to my FFL, started the paperwork and was denied on my background check. Unfortunately, this was due to a SEALED juvenile record… I understand sealed isn't expunged, but I have a valid CPL and have purchased firearms in the past year and a half with no issue whatsoever until now. I cannot find anything regarding this juvenile crap so I feel like I have a lawsuit on my hands.

I had sort of the reverse of your situation. I had accidentally let my CPL lapse so I went down to reapply and was denied due to my juvenile record. I've had this license for over 20 years and had actually let it lapse once before and re-applied no problem. But suddenly that one stupid thing I did when I was 13 makes it a no-go. Back in the day, when I had turned 18, I got a packet from the courthouse on how to expunge your juvenile record and the first step was obtain a copy of your record. Which I attempted but they said I had no record, so it was definitely sealed.

Now, as I heard earlier this year that State Patrol was going to start accessing juvenile records for NICS background checks. After my CPL debacle I was too scared to even attempt it, and looks like you've just answered my fear.

I wonder if ol' Mr. William Kirk will take my case on?
There was an article in the Seattle Times on April 10 that explained the scope of the "enhanced background checks" done by the Wash. State Patrol that started late last year. Here is what the WSP checks:

State administrative office of the courts
State Health Care Authority (looking for involuntary mental health commitments)
State law enforcement database (looking for warrants and protection orders)
Northwest regional database (looking for recent arrests in nearby states)

Under the old system, only NICS was checked for long guns. For handguns (and later semi auto rifles), they checked NICS and sent to the local police department of the resident's address for a background check. Which now appears to have been less strenuous in at least some cases than what is being done by the WSP now.
Information on sealed juvenile records in Wash. state:

Note that the juvenile records may be sealed by court order pursuant to RCW 13.50.260. Check with your prosecutor if you do not know whether the records are sealed or unsealed. If they are sealed, RCW 13.50.260(6)(a) states that "[a]ny agency shall reply to any inquiry concerning confidential or sealed records that records are confidential, and no information can be given about the existence or nonexistence of records concerning an individual." Washington state criminal justice agencies can access all sealed juvenile records information and non-Washington criminal justice agencies may also access the sealed records, but only for the purposes of processing, purchasing and licensing firearms, or releasing of firearms from evidence. See RCW 13.50.260(8)(d) and (e).

See the specific exception for firearms matters.

Sealed juvenile records and expunged adult records are not treated the same.
Lemme guess… you've been marking an X on the 44seven1 as a non felony criminal and you were able to buy some guns…. Then all of a sudden the local sheriffs office contacted you and said "BAD KITTY!"
If so, get a lawyer and get ready to shell out atleast a $1k or more. And follow your lawyers advice! Btw, you ain't gettin that gun at the ffl unless they hold it for monthsss

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