anyone have Colt pocket 9 experience

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    My Grandfather has given me a lot of his guns as he gets older. I told him I was picking up a Colt Pocket 9 as there are not many out there and he told me he had planned on giving me his but had kept forgetting about it. I did not even know he had one.
    So since the cash is down on one and the other is here as well what would you do? Trust one as a CC gun? Sell one? Obviously I would not sell my Grandpas but the other is in great shape with box and all. People complain about the trigger but I like it.
    Problem is it is a little spendy for CC as it will likely get a little beat up. I do not know if Colt collectors want them or if they just shoot them but many of you do.
    As far as I am concerned there is no better place to ask and get all kinds of good comments about a gun like this.
    Sell or carry?
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    Don't know what you paid, but GB has sold them from 800 to 1,200

    They were made in 1999 only.

    You can probably get springs from Wolfe if you want a lighter trigger.

    Colt collectors do want them.

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