Does anyone have a S&W 329 we could meet up and I could try? I keep thinking I want one but I see so many sold back after one cylinder of shooting. Has anyone out there taken the risk and liked it?
I recommend the 41 mag version, 357pd, they've had fewer problems with them and the ballistics aren't much different than the 44mag. The .41 mag is a less standard caliber but for this model gun it is a better option (IMO). For me it's not a gun I take to the range to play with, it's the one I carry as a hunting and hiking backup. They're dependable, lightweight, powerful, and easy to control.

They are great guns and mine is very reasonable to shoot since I changed out the grips for S&W 500 mag grips, with standard grips it kicks like a mule. You have large enough hands to handle the 500SW grips though.

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