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anyone had laser eye surgery whos the best

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by leftym4, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. leftym4

    leftym4 Milwaukie New Member

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    any one had laser eye surgery i have been considering it for many years

    i know it would improve my hunting ability as no more rain on or fog my glasses

    but my eyes are bad with bad stigmatism i heard 99% success rate but fear my luck i'll be that 1%

    brother and brother and sister in law had it done years ago with very little problems but their eyes were not that bad

    so whats your reviews

    who's the best out there that you know of

    and whats the approx cost

  2. theflyguy

    theflyguy Beaverton, Oregon Member

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    I went to Dr. Teplick (not sure of spelling)...in Tigard. I would NOT/NEVER recommend this guy. Without asking he "thougth I wanted mono-vision....meaning one eye is set to see far and one eye for up-close...believe it or not your brain can adjust....but I didn't like it.

    They screwed up my left eye and when I went back to have it fixed they messed it up even more. He told me himself, that if the second "touch-up" didn't fix the first screw up, he would NOT do anything futher.

    It was within a month that he had his license suspended for a short time...not sure what infraction(s)...just wish I hadn't gone to him.

    Ask your eye doctor...most know the top laser surgeons.

    Good luck,
  3. theflyguy

    theflyguy Beaverton, Oregon Member

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    Sorry...didn't see you were also asking cost. I had mine done approx. 5 yrs ago and it cost me $3,300 for both eyes
  4. tkdguy

    tkdguy Portland, Oregon Silver Supporter Silver Supporter

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    I went to OHSU and paid about $3200 about 5 years ago. My vision was about 7.25 in both eyes. I was wearing contacts at the time. First, I had to go into glasses till the contact corrected cornea reseeded back to normal. That took about 2-3 months. The head of the department, Dr. Rich did the work and he was a champ, but now retired. If you go with OHSU I would only have their associate or full professors do the work and NOT THEIR RESIDENTS NOR THEIR JUNIOR DOCS.

    I think I had about 12 visits up there so they did not make any bucks on me.

    Laser has been improved considerably these years. But, if you got an opinion from the OHSU top docs, you can go with that. OHSU was one of the field trials many years ago that help develop the laser procedures. Check out the Casey Eye Institute at OHSU. The only Side Effect I had was dry eyes--so around warm temps you have to wet the eyes with drops. DO NOT BUY DISCOUNTED EYE CARE!
  5. coctailer

    coctailer Portland, OR/Hastings, MI/Vancouver,WA I run with scissors.

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    The NWFA member Eyegun is an eye surgeon. You may want to ask him via IM.
  6. kenr74

    kenr74 Oregon Active Member

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    I went to Clearly Lasik in Vancouver, WA. Very happy so far and it has been about 9 months. Went from contacts that were -4.75 to 20/15. Wish I had done it a long time ago. I think it was around $2500 total.
  7. AvnEng

    AvnEng Corvallis Member

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    I went to will vision laser in Salem but I think they have other offices. I got it done in January 2009 and I think it was around 3600. You get a discount if you have Blue Cross.

    I was very pleased with my results. When I went back for the checkup after a week I had 20/15 and before I wasn't able to read the big E on the chart. I think about 5 or 6 other people from work did the same thing and I know the ones that I work with everyday are happy with it.

    You can try the mono your self by walking around with only 1 contact.

    You will end up needing reading glasses eventually. I still have dry eyes occasionally but that is mainly at night after while watching TV or working on my laptop but just use the drops and that fixes it. The halos are gone or I just don't notice them now as well.

    I would suggest doing the wave front technology. I think most are doing it now but it maps your eye and adjusts it accordingly and also they do the cutting of the lens with a laser instead of a blade. It looks like Clearly Lasik uses the same technology, Intralase and VISX Star 4 laser.

    I will be more than willing to answer any other questions you may have.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2009
  8. motoman98

    motoman98 Gresham, OR Active Member

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    Dr. Stanley Crews, in Vancouver. I had severe astigmitism and I CHOSE mono-vision. I love it after wearing glasses for 30+ yrs. and can read the paper w/o reading glasses. Very competent Dr.
    Cost was under $2k @5yrs ago.
  9. Bello425

    Bello425 Vancouver Well-Known Member 2016 Volunteer

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    Wife went to Clearly Lasik in Vancouver and no problems since, almost 4 years. I had mine done in 2000, but I wear glasses now for driving with a .25 prescription. FYI: depending on how old you are you will see a dramatic decrease in your near vision.
  10. torpedoman

    torpedoman land of corrupt politicians Member

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    Here is a tip.. Ask your regular eye doctor who he would go to if he was having it done on him. Thats how i find all my specialists
  11. The Duck

    The Duck Oregon Active Member

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    I had PRK (I did the research and believe it is a MUCH better option than Lasik) done just under six months ago at Eye Health Northwest...

    http://www.ehnpc.com/ (The web page is pretty new, didn't have it when I signed up)

    I went through the office in Milwakie, but all surgeries are done at the same location in Clackamas. At the time I was -6.25 in both eyes and right around 20/400 or so. Now I am 20/10 in both eyes with no side effects at all (i.e. night vision, halos, sun/star burst, dry eye, etc...).

    The team there are great, professional and TOP shelve. The cost was just under $3500, which was a bit more than most other places around the Portland area, but I went with the best instead of "bargain" shopping (my .02).

    If you want to know more, feel free to PM me, I will give you an honest play-by-play of my personal experience...