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Anyone fished Rock Lake in Eastern WA?


I've heard all sorts of tall tales of excessive rattlesnakes, boat destroying underwater hazards, ghost stories, and monster trout.

It's not too bad of a drive for me and thought about taking my little pontoon boat up to check it out.



No, but if it's anything like williams you'd do well with worm and corn... :D Stop by Swede's fly shop and see Allan, he'll get you into fish.


I've fished it many times, but its dangerous. There are boat killers along the shore and weather gets nasty in a hurry with the wind whipping through those canyons. The boat launch is pretty sketchy too. I do think that the urban legends about that lake are probably slightly exaggerated.

The positive is there are massive silvers and browns in there. Caught a few smallmouth but nothing spectacular. I've had the best luck in November and December. I've limited out on 4-5lb silvers in an hour.;)


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