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Other State Anyone familiar with California's byzantine laws? Need some advice

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I'm from California but have been living in Eugene, OR for a couple of years and greatly enjoying this thing called the constitution that you guys have up here. Turns out, I was even able to by an AR, a handgun, and get a concealed carry permit. Unfortunately, I'm traveling back down to CA for Thanksgiving and I was hoping to bring along my firearms as we're renting a house in a rather rural part of Sonoma where I figure I could find a place to shoot. Problem is, no amount of scouring the internet has made me sure how to do that legally. Anyways, if anyone here knows about what technically qualifies as an illegal assault weapon there / whether the high capacity mag ban is active or blocked by the courts, I would greatly appreciate some advice.

My AR is a .223 Wylde with an 18" barrel and a vertical foregrip and 30 round mags, and my handgun is a .45 with 12 round mags

Can I even bring these in legally? If so, how should I transport them? Can I bring ammo down? Thanks!

00F2B05DCD0F18D98B43FAE02A8A81C1.app1_1550474605591_L1800.jpeg Walther_PPQ-45_LS_2807076-2.png


I’m also from California- and don’t miss it.
Because you’ll be staying in CA - neither weapon you mentioned quill be legal to possess while in the state since they both violate multiple CA laws.

I would also strongly advise against shooting - unless at a range. MANY Californians seem to be terrified of gunfire, and would likely call law enforcement.

You could take along weapons that don’t violate CA laws - revolvers, pump or lever action, and semi autos with less than 10 round mags.

I occasionally travel THROUGH Ca on my way to Nevada. I can take along such prohibited weapons, but must have them unloaded, locked in a container with mags and ammo locked in a separate container, and cannot spend even 1 night in CA with them in my possession.

I’d recommend checking out cal for legal info.

Good luck.
Id consult an CA FFL, an CA firearm attorney or become very familiar with their laws, asking on a gun forum even as good as NWFA is like asking any other legal questions on the internet....

As we’re not a legal advice site this thread is closed.
Not open for further replies.



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