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Anyone ever see auto glass break like this?

Joe Link

I dropped my C6 off at my parents place yesterday around 1pm. They came home at 5pm and found the window like this. It's a rural property on 10+ acres, and unless someone came onto the property and did this intentionally, there wouldn't have been anyone else around for another quarter mile or so. Parked between an E350 and F350, it was fairly well protected from the sides. Neighbors do shoot but we couldn't find any evidence of what might have broke it (rocks, bullet holes, bb's, etc). No damage to the paint or interior whatsoever and nothing missing (there was nothing in it).

It sucks that it happened but what's really driving me crazy is not knowing how o_O

IMG_9903.JPG IMG_9904.JPG IMG_9905.JPG
Few ideas:

  1. Some flaw in the glass and it finally hit the right temp to fail.
  2. Option 1 and a light strike by a bird did it in.
  3. Flex. I had a window brake in my buddies car downtown Corvallis just pulling into a parking lot. We thought someone shot at us. It was from the car flexing, it just popped the window. In your case, it just got stressed by flex and heat did the rest?
Playing detective, I see the glass blew outward since its laying on the side of the door. I say flawed glass and heat and pressure did it in.

All guesses. Sorry it happed to your whip.


Me thinks something hit it.

Car glass is pretty tough stuff when it comes to heat and pressure, yet shatters like no ones business when hit just right.
Me thinks something hit it.

Car glass is pretty tough stuff when it comes to heat and pressure, yet shatters like no ones business when hit just right.
Could have been a flaw in the glass that caused it to give way. That why I ask if the majority of broken glass is inside or outside, if inside would mean it was struck from the outside.


I’m with the pressure, heat and flawed glass group.

I would have said the ceramic from a spark plug but not with 2 holes and glass blown outward - especially out in the boonies.

That sucks but it’s probably a lot cheaper to fix then body work on that thing.
Ive seen something very similar, and a similar situation, on private property, no trees (debris) no close neighbors but they had a higher elevation and direct sun.. but it was on the front dash, someone used a very reflective sunshade. On theirs the sunshade either upped the temp or the focal point

That OR there was an underlying manf. defect in the glass to begin with.



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