anyone else have problems with Oregon background check 1/23/12

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by hawmanai, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. hawmanai

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    Went to pick up a rifle and pistol that was shipped to gun store and they told me there was a problem and they would call me when it was OK to pick them up.

    Clerk was not sure what problem was as the State gave her a delay date of 2/26/12.

    So I paid the State fee of $10 and now have to wait for the gunstore to call me.

    Just passed a background just a month ago and have not even gotten a speeding ticket since.
  2. DinhRose

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    So does this mean your firearms are at your designated store but they can't transfer it to you right now? All of my bg checks took a few minutes barring the hold times. Never had it delayed that long even on an out of state transfer. I would talk to the store again since we have no mandatory wait period in oregon.
  3. gcban

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    That’s the problem with some of these background check systems. Every state has a different or multiple ways of doing it. I have WA, OR and AZ permits. AZ is the best by far and I'm pretty sure WA is heading the same direction as AZ in the near future. I have constant NICS headaches in WA (similar named bad guy) but zero issues in AZ for firearms purchases.

    In AZ even if the gun has been shipped to an AZ FFL for you, you walk in the store whip out your ID and CCW permit, fill out the 4473 form, give them your money and head out the door with your firearm. No phone call, no NICS delays, none of that garbage. AZ has NICS exemption status for AZ CCW permit holders in AZ since you are run thru NICS when you get your permit. If your permit is invalid or you don’t have a CCW permit then it’s a NICS background check for you.

    Hang in there but I don’t see the reason of the delay date 2/26/12, that is just wrong if you are an OR permit holder. -G
  4. oa98pistol512

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    Long story short my house was burglarized in Tucson Az. When I moved back here some of my guns were recovered and I had to pick them up from marion county (picked them up on a friday with no problem. The very next day was a gun show I traded the recovered guns for new ones the guns came back clear but for some reason their was a hold on me. About 8 days later my paperwork cleared. They explained their was a person with similar name that could not purchase firearms and they had to make sure I was not him.
  5. FORKLIFT252

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    End run on folks who want to purchase multiple firearms.
    If you got to wait a month for your gun and are a CHL what other reason? Folks that say they have the same name as a BG.......with a NICS check one Jo Blow has a birth date that = fellon. is a CHL person.
  6. Arnolzza

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    Maybe you can do your own background check. You know, on one of them people search sites. I hear they are quite accurate.

    You never know what you may dig up…

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