Anyone else have issues with Hornady Critical Defense ammo?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by warnerwh, Apr 5, 2010.

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    I had 3 ftf in 21 rounds in 9mm. I was testing a new gun so was bummed thinking it was the gun. So I came home and Googled:"Hornady Critical Defense light strike." There are numerous threads including about any handgun brand you can think of. I figured that I'd find this issue with the Kel Tec pistols in the search as that is what I was using. I also found this: and this:
    If you use this ammo make very sure you have no issues. Even the Rohrbaugh that costs 1,200 bucks have had ftf with this ammo. Some people are having no problem but the amount that have is amazing. Remington UMC ammo worked perfectly in the 56 rounds I fired.
    I'm not putting anything or any firearms down. I just want to make sure people do research before they buy any SD ammo, especially this one. I wish I had.
  2. Browncoat

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    Works perfect in my CZ Pro-Tek One for daily carry. I did a 250 round test before deciding on this ammo. Absolutely no issues with reliability, more accurate than I can shoot and I think it's softer shooting than most. That all being said I've not tried it in any other pistol. Any self-defense ammo needs to be tested in the intended gun as well as all of the magazines.
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    I had no issues with one box of .380 acp in my FEG SMC-380. Wonder if they use different primers. Its too bad cause I like the bullet design. Guess I will get some Golden Sabers or Gold Dots...
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    I use it in several of my carry pistols, in both .380 and 9mm, and have never experienced a hiccup or single problem or issue with it. As far as I can tell, it's good stuff and the real deal. It does point out, however, that you need to test whatever JHP round you plan to carry in your weapon of choice -- and more than once.

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