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"Anyone Can Buy A Gun, No Questions Asked" - Today Show Report

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Armchair Operator, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Armchair Operator

    Armchair Operator Beaverton Active Member

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  2. wwkii

    wwkii gilchrist oregon Active Member

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    Bring cash and not be a felon
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  3. Cougfan2

    Cougfan2 Hillsboro, OR Well-Known Member

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    I saw it too. It was incredibly slanted. It was almost like Bloomberg and Schumer wrote the story. Who knows, they may have had a hand in it.

    I used to require a bill of sale, but I haven't the last few private purchases I have made. I do insist on seeing a least a valid OR drivers license and preferrably a CHL.
  4. borrowedsig

    borrowedsig Lincoln, Nebraska Active Member

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    I require CPL and ID on any gun sale. Parts and ammo just id.

  5. Redcap

    Redcap Lewis County, WA Well-Known Member

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    Good policy, I do the same (but with WA credenials). I also ask point-blank if the person is a felon. No bill of sale, no other paperwork...see ID, exchange cash/product, then leave.
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  6. JackFrost

    JackFrost Central Oregon Active Member

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    I love this part in their "news" story We bought everything from a police-grade pistol to a semiautomatic assault rifle

    What exactly qualifies as a "Police grade pistol" does that mean I need to check my G22 to make sure its police grade? I don't think my Desert Eagle is Police Grade either! Damn! I got ripped off!

    What a joke! I would have though by now there is so much BS being spewed by the drive-by media types that these kind of stories are a little cliche now. Guess not!:deadhorse:

    Back to my coffe and Kahlua!
  7. sadiesassy

    sadiesassy Prescott Active Member

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    You know there is a black market for everything

    Require a Bill of Sale - I got a copy with my CWP class

    It has description of gun , serial numbers, Model Number , Caliber.

    Buyers name, address, DL # / State issued and if the have one a CWP #.

    The Buyer signs the following:
    Buyer certifies that they are not restricted or forbidden by law to own a firearm and buyer states that he/she:
    Has NEVER been convicted in any court of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding 1 year.
    Is NOT a fugitive from justice.
    Is NOT an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance.
    Has NEVER been adjudicated as a mental defective or has been committed to a mental institution.
    Is NOT an alien illegally or unlawfully in the United states or an alien admitted to the United states under a nonimmigrant visa.
    Has NOT been discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions.
    Having been a citizen of the United states, has NEVER renounced his or her citizenship.
    Is NOT subject to a court order that restrains the person from harassing, stalking, or threatening an intimate partner or child of such intimate partner.
    Has NOT been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence
    CAN lawfully receive, possess, ship, or transport a firearm.
    Is NOT a person who is under indictment or information for a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding 1 year.

    I truthfully state that I AM NOT a person who cannot legally buy, receive, and posses firearms and/or ammunition.
    Full Name _________________________________________
    Signature _______________________________________

    At the bottom it says:
    I understand the firearm is sold AS-IS and no warranty has been implied or given. Firearm should be inspected by a
    competent gunsmith prior to using. Seller not responsible for any damages incurred or caused by the use of this firearm

    That is a reasonable attempt to see if the person can or cannot have a firearm.

    But again - You can buy just about anything fro the right price
  8. PlayboyPenguin

    PlayboyPenguin Pacific Northwest Well-Known Member 2016 Volunteer

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    I ask to see a drivers license and a CHL. If you do not have a CHL I will take a picture of your DL. If you object to the picture you are welcome to walk away with no hard feelings.

    I sometimes will write up a bill of sale if I am not familiar with the person. The DL and CHL requirement still applies with the bill of sale.
  9. Throckmorton

    Throckmorton Florence,Ore ah gone Well-Known Member

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    I ask to see,and I will show,Wa drivers' license AND chl.
    I too wondered where the hell the term 'police grade handgun' came from !! WTH ???
    The guys that sold guns to people who stated that they prolly woulnd''t pass a back ground check are stupid to complete the sale.If we don 't police ourselves,then we will get policed..and policed..and policed.
  10. Skang

    Skang WA Well-Known Member

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    This is not something new, it's been going on for a decade.

    I never sold a firearm or bought one from private sale.
  11. SteveXKR

    SteveXKR Tacoma,WA Member

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    So slanted I almost lost my lunch...
  12. coop44

    coop44 Tacoma ,WA Well-Known Member

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    fear mongering at it's worse, "investigative reporter", more like liberal confrontational bubblegum
  13. Bark

    Bark Oregon Member

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    When buying I always call the state police and check that the gun is not stolen, easy and free. When selling if you are not sure about the buyer you can use the info below, not only do you make sure the person is legit you cover your *** when it comes to liability.

    If you do want to sell a firearm in Oregon to a stranger, and you want to do the right thing by finding out if they are eligible to own a firearm; here's what you need to do:

    Have the buyer with you.
    Be sure the buyer has government issued ID with a picture.

    Call the Oregon state police firearms unit at 1 800 432 5059.
    Read off the information on the government ID.
    Provide the buyer's date of birth, race, sex and address.
    Pay a $10 fee, Visa or Master Card accepted. : )
  14. Cougfan2

    Cougfan2 Hillsboro, OR Well-Known Member

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    Question. When you do this do they require any info on the firearm being sold, or just the buyers info? I know as a buyer in a private sale I would not want any info on the firearm going to the state.
  15. rumblebee1967

    rumblebee1967 Bellingham Active Member

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    So if I were to be a felon or had a record does anyone think I could not have a fake drivers license and would I really care about lying about it. You can protect yourself in a court of law maybe but your not changing the fact that a criminal cancan buy a gun from you. If your only interested in CYA then you have probably helped your cause. Truth is unless yo run the check like FLA do you have done nothing to prevent bad guys from buying guns.

  16. sadiesassy

    sadiesassy Prescott Active Member

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    The only intent of the form is that you attempted your best to try to ascertain the person could legally buy the firearm. ( Required for selling a firearm???) > Basically same information you give an FFL.

    You can require a CWP - which adds to the person's legal status.
    However if you use Oregon Logic - the reason they do not allow a CWP to be used for gun purchases - because you may have committed a crime between the time you got the permit and committed the crime.

    But it is your document trail. PArticularly useful if they used it in a crime - you now have some documentation vs saying -
    well I sold it.

    If they lie - they lie. You did your best ( What is required)

    Again - Lots of guns are sold in the black market and underground.

    The alternative is all personal firearms sells need to go through an FFL. Then the governemnt will then want put in more restrictions

    Then you only have the other 50% of the market to worry about
  17. Bark

    Bark Oregon Member

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    I have only used the number above to check guns before purchase. I normally get the gun info by phone from the seller before meeting and call it in. They prefer (SP) you have the gun in hand but have gone ahead and run the checks anyway when I have called, they have asked for my info when I called in. I prefer this method as I don't want to be standing next to someone in a parking lot and have the info come back stolen.....akward and possibly dangerous.
  18. slimer13

    slimer13 Deer Park Well-Known Member

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    I profile the people that I deal with online based on feedback and personal apearance and mannerisms. For example if you wear a hat with the label still on and use alot of street slang, im not selling you my "police grade handgun" or my "tactical assault rifle modified to accept AK 47 bullets":wow:. And how about the lady who is absolutely certain that her friend would still be alive if he didnt buy a gun online:rolleyes:
  19. trainsktg

    trainsktg Portland OR Well-Known Member

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    Same here. Most folks I've traded with have either asked me to meet at their homes or were willing to meet at their homes. That says alot right there.

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  20. coctailer

    coctailer Portland, OR/Hastings, MI/Vancouver,WA I run with scissors.

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    That story is so full of mis-information that there wasn't any room for truth.