Anybody else try the Pump-N-Seal?

Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by stratbastard, Apr 7, 2012.

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    Pump and Seal food saver vacuum sealer is better than Tilia FoodSaver

    Gotta say, this has been a great addition to mylar bags-n-buckets. Turns any glass jar- pickle, jelly, mason, olive, whatever- into a handy storage container for spices, tobacco, whacky-tobacky, etc... Stick a push-pin through the metal jar lid and apply the one-way air tab, then pump out all the air for a great vacuum sealed glass jar. You can remove some contents and repump/re-seal as many times as you like. Very effective; did a 2 year test on some tobacco, and it was still fresh and quite smokable. Ditto spices (but I didnt smoke 'em LOL) that I have stored in 1 gallon pickle jars. Fast, effective, & CHEAP; I paid under $40 for an entire kit with tons of tabs.
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    :thumbup:I had one years ago in Alaska I would use it to package my fish that I caught, I never figured out where it went to over the years. I remember it being pretty good, of course the seal is only as good as the jar/container/freezer bag your using. The only thing I remember having to be careful with when sucking out the air when doing fish was makeing sure that water would not get sucked up into the equipment. Does it still come with a little tine plastic flexible tube so you can use freezer bags? I just might have to get one again. thanks.
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    What type of tobacco? I mean was it leaf, shredded, pipe, flavoured?

    My wife wants to grow her own supply and I'm pretty certain she won't go through even a small plot on her own so I'd want to preserve it. Having a re-sealable container for her would be awesome.

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