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Anybody else got a back order on LE901??

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by moparhemi, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. moparhemi

    moparhemi PNW Member

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    Back in Nov I ordered one these Colts and being one of the items that has been priced into very spendy territory $demand>supply$ I am becoming concerned that unscrupulous "supply chain" whether distrib or retail could profit extraordinarily from diverting inbound inventory to much more lucrative "new" orders.
    Anybody got one on order too? I ordered mine from Impact and they provide no status once you hit the buy button provide FFL and clear a cc. I have had other long back orders with them show up, a sigM11 took a couple months, so I'm not accusing them of anything. I have read bad posts on some forums hating on them and accusing them of selling off layaway guns, and taking web orders for in stock when they are not, etc.
    Last contact after FFL cleared the rep speculated Feb, that was in Nov. yep I'm getting antsy I guess..
  2. Pandaz3

    Pandaz3 Cornelius, Oregon NRA Lifetime Member Platinum Supporter Gold Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    It was my choice in November too, but the same wait. So I got a Cheaper, available Armalite AR-10 as I knew I could not stand the wait. Very Happy with my AR-10, but I regret That I don't have the Colt.
  3. Squidly

    Squidly Sandy Active Member

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    Armalite AR-10 rocks. I have 2, and I can actually get ammo.
  4. lazerblazer

    lazerblazer Portland Active Member

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    My buddy had ordered a 6920 nearly 6 months ago and just received it at his ffl last week. I wouldn't worry, it sucks but ride it out brother!

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