I wish someone would want to buy my fired .45ACP brass. I keep forgetting to bump it up. Probably 9 pages back now.

Not PMs but e-mails thru my business website, Odd ones like wanting me to open an attachment for a shipping container full of something I supposedly ordered. I've not ever ordered a shipping container of anything so I just delete with out opening the attachment.
My personal e-mail is always getting notifications of my account has been successfully charged for some well known companies virus protection in the amount of $299.00-$399.00. But they are SO good about giving notice that if I thought it was mistake I can go to their website or call them to clear up the mistake.
I can tell I'm going to get some weird e-mails when I see that someone visited my website from some not US of A country. My favorite is when I get one from my website administrator saying my e-mail is full. The thing is I'm my administrator and I didn't send me the email. It always comes from a .different country address.
The Chevy Dealer finally stopped sending me, "We want to buy your truck" emails. :s0093:

It's a tricked out Inferno Orange, 4 door 2008 Colorado, with 6,000 miles on it. :s0001:

Whenever I need anything from them, I park it in front of the show room and let them, "Eat their hearts out".:p

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