Anybody been to the Canby show today?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by jimwsea, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. jimwsea

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    Trying to get an idea of how small it is.
  2. jdiazmtx

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    i too would like to know if its worth going sure its not as big as the expo it a show that the big name vendors do or is it more of a local show....does anyone know if the glock guys are there
  3. elsullo

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    The First Rule of Canby Show is that you don't talk about Canby Show. It is small, rural-flavored, personal, and extremely friendly---everybody talks to everybody, and all guns are there to be handled. I always expect to see Norman Rockwell painting the scene! Security is invisible, as the entire vibe of the place is peaceful and respectful, unlike the "Green Zone" checkpoint atmosphere of the Expo Center of Portland. The building is SMALL, not even a tenth as big as the Expo show, and it gets HOT and STEAMY there so dress lightly. Parking is free and close, and admission is only six dollah.

    I went mid-day on Sunday, and probably much had been sold out. The place was "full" but not crowded, and it was no trouble to get to a table or move down the aisle. The big-time vendors were not there; it was mostly small dealers and personal collections. There were no piles of surplus clothing, or cheap import tool and toy cr*p, or banks of cheap optics. There was only ONE ammo seller, yet his prices were not inflated. There were several people with magnificent, reasonably priced knife collections, and several others selling tons of "modern" Chinese knives and flashlights at giveaway prices. There were lots of hunting rifles at reasonable prices, and quite a few Evil Black Rifles at preposterous prices, and nobody seemed to be selling anything or caring very much if they did. There were LOTS of quite reasonably priced quality handguns there, both new and slightly used. Instead of being glared at or deliberately ignored like at the Expo show, I found myself invited to handle anything with no expectation of a sale.

    So, I broke the First Rule of Canby Show. It is a first-class patriotic experience. If you feel like a nice drive in the country, this is a perfect excuse.......................elsullo ;)
  4. Natty Bumpo

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    Very well summarized, Elsullo. But for me, it is a drive to the City. And there are other local shows that offer a similar experience, if you don't mind driving a bit.

    If I may degenerate to the crude, the Expo experience blows. It is what gun shows have become....not what they were meant to be. Life is too short and funds are too limited to squander at Expo.

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