Any USAF pilots here?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by rross, May 4, 2010.

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    Hello Guys,
    Just poking to see if there were any USAF pilots here or people who know about this line of work. Please also no negative comments here, I only want positive info and education on the subject.

    What is the best BA to get me started into OTS and would be most relative to a career as a pilot in the AF ? I have my college funding paid for if i go, so in my case is it better to get my degree before joining the AF or am i better off starting a career in the AF and doing school while im in? This sound like it would take much longer and i would not have 100% focus on my degree and learning everything that will be needed to prepare me for this. What careers should i look into? I'm willing to do ANYTHING to make this life goal happen, I'm only 20 right now and i feel two years behind already out of school, please give me any info if you can.
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    The degree doesn't matter as much - there are some that would benefit you in your craft (aeronautical engineering, et. al) but aren't necessary. If you're going to college to get a degree, apply for ROTC and work your tail off there.

    My brother has his degree in Forestry. He graduated from college with that as Cadet Colonel of his ROTC group and got a regular commission. He's flown -141s and -130's and is now transitioning into MQ-9 Reapers as his first assignment after making O5. And he did exactly what I put quite simply above.

    G/L dude.

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