Any tricks to getting FFL? Filling out the form makes me wonder.

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    I had one while living in Las Vegas 20 years ago but it seemed to me the Treasury Department was just waiting and hoping I screwed up so they could throw me in jail... so I turned it back in. Clinton and Benson as Sec. of Treasury worried the hell out of me. I was building dozens of bench rest rifles then and needed to mail rifle actions across state lines to the gunsmith. Anyway, I find myself wanting one again now that I'm retired so I can provide guns for myself and friends and make some profit. The smart asses in the gun shops around here are so damn arrogant that I just can hardly stand to enter their place of business. Please tell me what not to write on the form and what not to say to any investigators that might come check me out. I do live in a house on a residential zoned street. I have nothing in my background that would pop up so I know that won't be a problem. Thanks in advance for any advice..

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