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Any place to shoot around Eastside (WA)?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Shooting Areas' started by dmv9, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. dmv9

    dmv9 Seattle, WA Member

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    Like around Issaquah, WA?

    I _promise_ to clean my crap and others.

    PM me.
  2. BsB

    BsB Fall City Member

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    There's the Issaquah Sportsman's Club range behind Issaquah high school. If you're looking for a "drive into the woods and shoot" type of spot, you most likely won't find one in King county.

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  3. 206thsense

    206thsense Seattle, WA, USA Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Wish I knew some places that were easy to access off of I-90... seems nowadays, everything's closed. =/
  4. bittergunner916

    bittergunner916 Seatac New Member

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    We used to go to that spot where Hwy 18 and 90 intersect, On hwy 18. Its the last "entrance" blocked by large concrete barrier on the left if your coming towards 90 on 18 east. All the other entrances like it had signs saying no shooting...but this one for some reason did not for years. Its a big open clearing with spent shells everywhere. However, they now have a No Trespassing sign, so that's your call. If for some reason a person was to go there...there is a decent sized dirt hill that should be used to shoot into...This spot is right by the freeway so the utmost caution/common sense, would have to be used. Hitting a hiker or car does none of us any good, and your conscience probably wouldn't fare well either:)

    Im probably wasting air with a no trespassing sign....but that's my .02..

    I would love to know where I could go shoot on somebodies property in the woods or something of the like. I don't do PM'ing cuz I don't really know how, even being good with tech stuff? Go figure??
    But if there is a spot or someone wants to let me come hang out and "blast" with them...I've got couple shells and am willing to throw down cash for whatever (food,rounds,hookers,crack, etc...wait, crack is whack..)
    So I guess just email me? redlinewall@hotmail.com
  5. Shifty31

    Shifty31 Seattle New Member

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    does this place allow you to load more than one round in a magazine at a time? all the other outdoor ranges (Renton fish and game/Kenmore shooting club) only allow one round at a time, due to their fears of slam-fires....