I had a Golden Boy which was simply magnificent for action smoothness & pleasure of plinking at any reasonable distance. The Big Issue I had not anticipated, was mine was a very short-reach stock version and was really a youth sized model.
I have had one for about a year. Put a 22 scope from Cabela's on it, as my eyesight isn't the greatest having to use bifocals. The gun works great with accurate hits at 100 yards with 22LR ammo. Really fun to use. Will shoot about any brand of ammo. If you are going to hunt with it, or compete, or just target shoot, do some research online as to what brand of ammo you might want.
Late October took family out target shooting. Had various calibers but people loved the Henry 22 the most. None of them had ever shot a lever action and they had a blast. No issues of any kind with the gun. No recoil, relatively quiet, easy to chamber rounds, etc. The quality is excellent. The biggest problem will be the fight over it when I pass. Go to the Henryusa.com website and download the user manual. It has great info. My advice: buy one. I love my Henry H024 sidegate government 45-70 too, but it is at the opposite end of the shooting spectrum. They are both part of the Henry family of quality guns. One last thing. I have put hammer extensions on both my Henry rifles and love them. Inexpensive accessory $ 11 to $15, that makes using the rifles safer to put in safety mode and easier to use if you get a scope at some point.
Jeannie and I each have one. Wonderful guns. Smooth, accurate, reliable, attractive rifles. My only complaint is the painted receiver cover. It looks cheesy and belies the quality of the rest of the gun. Could it really have added much expense to blue it properly??
I had a Henry H001 and it worked and shot absolutely perfectly. It was far more accurate than other guns of higher class and more money...never missed a beat with whatever ammo I tried. Mind you if it failed to fire you just run it through. I highly recommend one. Put a scope on it and drive tacks.
I have the Small Game carbine in .22wmr. Smooth and accurate. Given my 71 yr old eyes, the peep sights are much better than the buckhorn type. Don't care for the alloy receiver but I suppose that keeps the weight down.
Which peep sights?
Go on the Skinner website and see what fits your rifle.
I like Skinner Alaskan for the larger frame rifles.
They look like the grew out of the receiver.

On my Marlin 45-70 the stock front sight worked with my Skinner rear sight.
Hoping my Henry 44Mag will be the same.

Also Ranger Point Precision has modern-style peeps for leverguns.

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