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Not choosing a dog in this particular fight.

I just googled "Christian weed store " and got a few results. So I reckon that a store like "Chairman Mauser " isn't all that far fetched.

"Red Oktober Rifles "?
"People's Republic Pistols "?
"Seize the means of production by engaging in filthy capitalism gun store "?

Not making fun, I promise.
Just having fun.
Chairman Mauser, that got me this afternoon well done.
There's "homely" and then there's "if I had a dog that fugly I'd shave its a** and teach it to walk backwards"... Garbagepail Greta is truly a face not even a mother could love, and her general rage at the entire world probably stems at least in part from the fact that she falls squarely into a category well described by a friend from Germany.

"Lesbincel: A woman so ugly and angry that she can't get any action from even other ugly angry women."

And given that my friend is rather, ah, "non-traditional preferences" herself...
That sounds like building self-esteem via the negative affirmation of others.
Liberal does not automatically equal gun grabber despite what you see on TV. What I've more commonly seen is the acceptance that too many dumb people exist so common sense gun laws are supported, training should be required (we need a license to drive a car after all), etc. Pro2A folks populate each side, the extremes of both are the problem.
Sorry man, you're losing me with the licensed driver argument. A person can legally drive any vehicle on their own property, but it's rather difficult to buy a car from a large vendor without some state ID. Kinda murky, IMO

I see the underlying sentiment , just can't agree with you.
Personally, I miss the days when people could interact without constantly declaring their political affiliation, personal pronoun choice or vaccine status.

But I've also seen a lot of strange things this last 18 months. Strange times make for strange bedfellows.

Nicki Minaj getting red pilled. Socialists buying firearms to protect themselves. BLM/Antifa inviting Trump supporters to join them at protests against vax mandates. Just to name a few...

Maybe we are witnessing the law of unintended consequences? Have authoritarians pushed an unwanted agenda long enough that even rivals will come together to resist?
I sincerely hope so. Since everyone above a certain Class line thinks that the rest of us are nothing but resource.
Guess you could say I'm a socialist. Looking for a left leaning shop(s) somewhere in Oregon. Anything like that around?

Or places to shoot that draw in fellow left leaning gun owners.
Just wondering what conversations you are expecting. Know any religious strip clubs? It's usually in the title of the shop. Most if not all businesses just want your money.

I've never walked into a shop looking for political discussion. Once I've found a shop who's prices or merchandise stands above the others I might get to know the owner. Gun shop, motorcycle shop. Donut shop. Whatever.

Actually, 99% of ranges will just ask you to read and sign their waiver. Any other talking is up to you. I've seen all matter of people every range and outdoor shooting area I go to. No problem.
Grade A Choice
Do you need a new delete worthy avatar from my vast library?

Maybe if most left leaning liberals stopped saying things like "hell yes I'm coming for your AR" or stopped voting for people that want to take away our rights there would be better conversations and more tolerance.

Maybe. Until that happens, my Patriotism cannot be silenced. Nor will I be on my best behaviour towards said people. :s0160:
I know a few. My WW2 veteran grandfather, my Vietnam vet father and uncle, Korean War vet uncle, a few Afghanistan vet buddies, and a few who teach safety courses. Funnily enough, my "left leaning" and very proficient/safe uncle was shot during pheasant season by a right winger because apparently pheasants wear blaze orange caps and vests.

I also know of a few good old boys back home that were drunk and pointing shotguns at each other for... fun. The one who was shot lost 15 feet of intestine. I myself have never had a N.D. and routinely find myself the least scary individual at the public range. But hey, I must suck because of my political leanings and the lack of NRA stickers on my truck's rear window.
"The only left leaning gun owner I know shot himself in the left leg while hunting years back and it never healed right."

I think the joke went right over your head…that or you were just eager to attack given everyone was actually being quite civil with the OP (contrary to what you are clearly predisposed to believe).

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