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22 Long Rifle
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I have one each of these Marlins --both in very good condition, I believe to be Collector quality.

Anyone interested .Both are very good condition .I have owned both for many years. Have not shot either one. I do believe the M-2 is UNFIRED.
Price is somewhat open and is for each.

Thanks for looking


85678479-9114-498e-87f9-d6d9c3bdde54gun2.jpg b6bc358c-e1e2-4efe-96fd-4d3b15b2901cgun.jpg
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Prices ....
NWFA rules requires prices for items that listed for sale...even those with a trade option.
Please add a price to your Marlin rifles.
Hey Andy good to hear from you....we did some knife business quite awhile ago. I have forgotten how to add pictures to my add.
So these are Model 60's in an M1 style stock?
No they are not even like the mdl. 60's They resemble The M1 Carbine from WW2.
M1 is tube fed---M-2 is Clip Fed.....Both Have removable and adjustable Rear Sights. (the sights are hard to find as they were often removed to accommodate a scope'..
Thanks for looking, Ken
The price was actually per gun....The M-2 Carbine is un-fired as best as I can tell. I used to collect Marlin's and had many..
Open to talk about prices on each. Also have a mdl 989.
As I noted both the Mi and M2 have the rear
sights intact.......Very hard to find.
Open for discussion on any of the three........
Thanks for your interest...........Ken
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