Any insight into M&P Shield availability?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Cardinalmoe, Jun 13, 2012.

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    Does anyone have any insight into the availability of the M&P Shield 9mm?
    Love to get one if I could find one.
  2. accessbob

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    You just have to call around frequently and be ready to strike when one appears and also look online frequently. You can also watch the classifieds here as I did and wound up with a 9mm Shield for my wife for $400. You can also put a deposit down on one at a local gun shop and just wait until it appears. From what I've seen it can be a short wait or it can be a long wait. It just depends on the distributor and what they have and who is on their priority list. $100 down at NW Armory and they'll order one for you and, if you wound up not wanting it when it came in, they would issue a full refund.

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