Any Howa rifle shooters out there?

I have looked on the youtube and the shooters seem to like the accuracy right out of the box on these things. What would you use for a guideline as to how well made they are or what? Is there a specific problem with them? He is looking for one in .223 to take East when he is bird hunting. He isn't a comp shooter or even a range shooter. Seems like this wouldn't be a bad deal compared to a .17 hmr, non-re loadable round that run .50 a round on sale. Seems like they can't be to bad with the Luepold mounts and Nikon scope.
Any other comments are welcome on the Howa rifles.
Howa's are the same as the Weatherby Vanguards, and they are pretty nice. Do a search over on 24hourcampfire, and you will find quite a bit of info on them.

They tend to be pretty accurate out of the box, and with their built in recoil lug they are a great action to build a custom rifle around.

The synthetic stock they come with is pretty cheap, about equal to the injected molded stocks from Remington and Savage.

Ditch the cheap stock, do some load development, and you will end up with a very accurate rifle.
I got a Howa .204 Ruger, with the Houge stock and 3-10x42 Nikko Sterling scope... LOVE IT!!!:s0155: The thing is A.C.C.U.R.A.T.E.!! With this gun, at 120 yards its sub 1" out of the box...a little tweaking and I now shoot consistant 1/2" groups. (3 shots) I have shot this out to 500 yards at a 36" x 36" steel target and hit 7 out of 10 shots. (walked it in with the first 3)

Sooooo I went and got the .243 in the same set up.. I haven't had a chance to really run this through its paces yet, but so far 100 yard groups were 1.25" but I am sure with a littel work, and better ammo, it will be prove to be a real shooter. For the money, I am very happy with both!

I highly recommend the Timney Trigger... its makes both of guns a real joy to shoot.
I have a Howa 7WSM and a Vanguard .223. Unfortunately, due to being out of town working all the time, I haven't been able to wring them out. They do have a sterling rep over at the 'fire ( which is why I got them (well, the screaming sale BiMart was running on the Weatherby might have helped!). And I'll probably get a few more.


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