Antique Wooden Stock Fitting/Finishing

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    I have a restored antique rolling block original sporter (now chambered for .357 Mag) with a new repro walnut butt stock that developed a hairline crack longitudinally with the grain where it meets the receiver. Close inspection revealed that the butt stock was fitted to the receiver with some shortcuts. Too much wood was removed where the stock contacts the inside of the receiver, making the stock to receiver joint unstable.

    I've repaired the crack by spreading it as much as possible and injecting superglue into the crack, then allowing it to cure under pressure. I then sanded it, finishing up with #600 grit paper and applying several coats of Tru-Oil between sanding operations. I then used bedding material to build up the stub of the stock that fits inside the receiver in order to produce a stable joint.

    I've shot it several times, probably shot 100 rounds of .357 Mag through it since the repair. All seems well right now, and the crack is invisible, but the potential for a recurrence was nagging at me, so I ordered a new butt stock blank which is "90% inletted" from TreeBone Carving in NM, where I got the present stock blanks. My plan was to fit the new butt stock and finish it myself, but I have way too many projects now that I'm retired, and I'd consider farming this one out if I could find somebody who is reliable and does great work. Preferably, it would be somebody who knows what a rolling block is supposed to look like, and has done antique restoration before. Anybody know someone who fits the bill?

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