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I dont know a lot about this knife i believe it is from the 1930'sh or so. It is marked with 'TASHIRO CO MADE IN JAPAN'

I dated this knife using the following info:

Most pieces marked with the name of a country were made after 1891, when the McKinley Tariff Act was passed. Pieces from Japan were marked “Nippon,” the transliteration of the Japanese word for Japan. After 1915 the words “Made in…” were usually added. Beginning in 1921, U.S. Customs required country names to be in English, and the word “Japan” was used instead of “Nippon.” Items marked “Made in Occupied Japan” were made between February 1947 and April 1952. After that, just the word “Japan” was used again.

So with using this information the TASHIRO CO Balisongs were made after 1921 and before 1947 and it is in the same fashion that the Germans and Kabar models were being made with the solid one piece brass being folded over and with data from the company it would be safe to say that they are from the 1930's

bali.jpg bali2.jpg bali3.jpg bali4.jpg bali5.jpg bali6.jpg bali8.jpg bali9.jpg bali10.jpg bali11.jpg BALI12.jpg
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