WTS WA Antique G.L. Co. & 11-18 W.K.G. Rifle Scabbard

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    As listed in the heading, the letters G.L. Co. & 11-18 W.K.G. are stamped on the side. $150. Located in Vancouver, WA.
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    From what I have found on line it may be rather rare. It is Made by the George Lawrence company. It is from WW1 and was government issued or inspected by W.K.G. who was a inspector for the US government. It was for use with horse mounted troops to carry the 1903 service rifle.

    George Lawrence Company is known to have manufactured M1907 rifle slings and M1918 rifle scabbards for the US Government during WW1. Of particular significance is the inspector marking of W.K.G. seen on the back side of the scabbard. Private purchase scabbards would not have such a marking. The W.K.G. marking has also been reported as having been observed on some of the scabbards made by the William H. McMonies Co. which was also located in Portland. Evidently this government inspector, whose identity remains unknown, had inspection duties at both companies.

    The History of the George Lawrence Company begins as the Samuel Sherlock Company this history is long and complicated originating in 1857 with three men in the newly formed City of Portland, Oregon. These men were Samuel Sherlock, William Sherlock, Charles P. Bacon (George W. Lawrence the fourth man comes later) the original founders of what would eventually become known as The George Lawrence Company of Portland, Oregon.
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