Antique Boat-Building Tools; 3 orignial boxes/crates and two full buckets.

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    Off-set and straight axes, block, spokeshave & rabbiting-planes, cross-cut saws, gouges, drills, you name it, it is probably there. Too much to list and I am tired of seeing them sitting on the shelf.

    I'm asking the same ball-park prices that are listed on e-bay which amount to $550.00.

    No pics, and I'm going to take them someplace for appraisal this summer unless somebody buys them as a decent price. No parting; these tools were used (according to the customer) as a kit in the Portland Ship-yards in the early 1900s.

    Happy to load them on a truck and bring to anywhere in Yamhill County for inspection/sale.

    The tools are similar to the tools in the pic.

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