Anti gunners raise big bucks in Seattle

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Dave Workman, Jun 5, 2015.

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    Let us match this $600,000. There are more of us, Make a monthly donation $5 or more. Consider this monthly donation to help fight for our freedom.

    Protect Our Gun Rights

    Help Undo the Damage of I-594!
    Friends -

    Dave Workman of Examiner has the scoop and gets right to the point on why it is imperative Washington State gun owners contribute to locally based Protect Our Gun Rights if Evergreen State gun owners have any hope of fighting off well-funded gun local control groups: (Examiner: Seattle anti-gunners raise estimated $600K to erode rights)

    As you may have seen already, the Second Amendment Foundation filed an appeal today in the legal challenge to I-594. Get the scoop here: (SAF Files Notice Of Appeal In Challenge To Washington Gun Control Law)

    And last but not least, we've had a small issue with our previous credit card processor. But not to fear! We've got a new way to accept donations directly on our website by going to:

    In Freedom,

    The Protect Our Gun Rights Team


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