Anti-gun flaw or plan?

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by dallen1x, Mar 8, 2013.

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    It dawned on me that the Anti-gun folks either have a Flaw in their thinking or they have a flawed Grand Utopia Plan.

    They admit that the measures that they are pushing are because there are bad guys out there.
    When Gun-Rights folks say there are bad guys and we need to protect ourselves, the anti-gun folks say it’s not that bad or we should just call the police.

    Is this a hypocritical flaw in their mental capability to use logical thinking?
    Is their Grand Utopia Plan to make this country a gun free, workers’ paradise (communist style like the Obama redistribution of wealth)?

    If they do have a Utopia Plan, they still haven’t said what they’re going to do with the criminals. Seems like another flaw.

    Nothing they want to do for the good of Public Safety has anything to do with public safety and only takes away civil rights.
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    for some, criminals are a scapegoat. they really just want everyone to be disarmed, because in their mind every person is a potential criminal. they are dishonest, because they won't just really come out and say they consider YOU to be the future criminal.

    for others, they actually believe that criminals will be successfully disarmed by further regulation against common citizens - as if gang members simply go into a sporting goods store and purchase a pistol legally. they are simply stupid and naive.

    hope this helps.

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