Anti 1st A Rep Conyers aid carries pistol. Into Federal courthouse. No charges.

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    That would be Michigan Congressman John Conyers (D) (who's wife is doing time for bribery BTW), his aide has a concealed carry license even though guns are evil.

    So Conyers office manager Betty Petrenz walks right into a Detroit Federal courthouse with that pistol in her purse.

    'Opps, sorry, but I'm a good liberal and those laws we pass are for other people, not us. So you can just let me go with a warning right?'

    'Yes ma'am, have a nice day.'

    Studies have shown that politicians are right in there with serial killers in the sociopath category so say a selfish, manipulative asshat decides to run for office, which party should a smart sociopath join? I'd join the party (which includes almost all of the media) that rallies around you no matter what you do or how hypocritical it is. Heck you can kill and rape, sell ICBM launching technology to the Chinese AND give em the supercomputers to crunch the numbers as a free (yes, free) bonus. Maybe that's why they call the Rs the dumb party, only dumb sociopaths like McCain join them.

    When I lived in Birmingham in the 80s I asked my bud "How does George Wallace get the black vote?" He said people with nothing will vote for whoever promises them the most. I said "Yeah, but George Wallace!!??" He just shrugged, crooked people deserve the crooked government they vote for.

    The story.

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