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    I've been asked (a few times) about the meaning of "A Militia of One" in my signature line, so for those of you who are interested...

    Mainly, its a play on the Army's recent slogan, "An Army of One".

    Secondly, it implies that big government "progressive" tyrants (foreign and domestic) would play hell trying to gain intelligence on millions of seperatly armed/active citizens, because they would all be compartmentalized and going in millions of different directions at once, as opposed to organized "militia groups" that are more easily seen, infiltrated, and destroyed/defeated... a progressive's worst nightmare come true. The Nazis sure caught hell from resistance groups during WWII, and the U.S. is catching hell from "resistance" groups in the sandbox today.

    Keep in mind:

    1. I'm not about overthrowing the U.S. government (none of us should be).

    2. I'm about restoring our government (at all levels)... preferably @ the ballot box. :thumbup:

    3. Although often jockular & irreverent, I don't often excercise bravado; I mean what I say, and say what I mean.

    4. My signature line is doing its job, its getting some folks to question, and actually THINK!

    (ps- the NSA already knows who most of us are around here, so WTH) ;)
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