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    The effort to recall anti-rights extremist, Floyd Prozanski, had another victory today.

    The Secretary of State dismissed, at least temporarily, a specious complaint filed by Bloomberg stooges.

    The complainants are part of the well funded New York machine that has been working overtime to undermine the rights of Oregonians in exchange for a paycheck from ex New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg.

    Bloomberg sent his hired hacks into locations that had recall petitions where they attempted to trick petition gatherers into making minor, technical mistakes (like walking away from petition sheets for a moment) so they could file complaints against the recall campaign.

    Today, in spite of Bloomberg’s millions, the Secretary of State said:

    “After a review of the information submitted, the Elections Division has insufficient evidence to indicate a violation of election law for the signature allegations outlined above.”

    The anti-rights fringe has an unlimited checkbook thanks to Bloomberg, but they have not been able to spend enough to crush the spirit of Oregonians who have stood against the tide of the leftists that are trying to steal every right Oregonians and Americans cherish.

    We have a long way to go and we may not have an official count of signatures on the recall campaign until Monday. But for every one of you who has signed or contributed to this effort, we thank you. We have come much farther than the establishment ever thought we could.

    If you would like to help us continue this fight, please click here.

    Oregon Firearms Federation

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