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Here's another Remington single shot I finished up yesterday. I bought this set trigger rifle at one of the OAC gun shows maybe a decade ago. It had the barrel chopped down to 22", and I was planning to have a new barrel fitted, but the gunsmith I took it to said he could extend the existing barrel back to original length by welding on barrel, and then reline it back to it's original.40-70SS caliber. He did the work, and all looked great, until I got around to shooting it sometime later. At around shot 5 or 6 the case wouldn't extract, and after knocking the empty out I could see the chamber was bulged! Tried numerous times to get the gunsmith to fix it, but always got excuses, so it sat here.
Then I was talking with my friend and he told me to bring it over and he'd try to reline the chamber. But when he got to checking it out, he told me the liner was off center by .012" at the chamber end, and couldn't be saved. So we ordered a new Green Mountain .40 caliber full octagon barrel, and he fitted it to the action. I picked up all the parts this week, and began polishing out the barrel, and then rust bluing it.


The GM barrel was pretty nicely finished externally when it arrived, but still needed a couple hours with a hardwood block and emery paper to get it good enough to rust blue. I used Mark Lee Express Blue on it, which flashes quicker in the sweat box and allows for more coats in a shorter time. Did about 5 coats of bluing and carding before boiling it, and then polishing it out.
I needed to bed the old forearm as the GM #4 weight heavy octagon, was still slightly lighter than the original octagon. It's also now a 34" barrel vs. the old 30", so it has a longer sight radius for long range shooting. So after bluing, and assembling, I bedded the forearm yesterday, and finished assembling the Hepburn. It's now chambered in .40-65 as I have far more brass in this caliber, and I have 5 in .40-70, so didn't need to share another in that caliber.
I need to cast up some heavier 370 gr. and 415 gr. bullets, and get it out to work up some loads maybe next week.




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