misleading article.

Here's what the NRA says on endorsements:

"NRA is non-partisan in issuing its candidate grades and endorsements. We base our political decisions solely on gun-related issues, as we are a single-issue organization. By not taking into account political party affiliation and/or non-gun-related issues, we ensure we do not divide our base of support that is united in its support for the Second Amendment.

We have an incumbent-friendly policy that dictates our support for pro-gun incumbents seeking reelection over pro-gun challengers, as voting records trump statements in support of the Second Amendment. We stand with our friends who stand with us in Congress or the state legislature. We would lose all credibility if we abandoned our friends who have stood by us. Of course, should a pro-gun challenger win his election, then he will be the beneficiary of this policy when he seeks re-election.

For candidates who are not incumbents, or who have not previously held elective office, we review answers to NRA's candidate questionnaires. NRA staff also interviews candidates, reviews campaign literature and candidate statements, and factors in intelligence from local NRA members.

All of this information is then reviewed and a grade of A to F is issued. Endorsements are not given in every race, as in addition to a candidate's positions on gun-related issues, NRA staff also has to take into account other factors like a candidate's viability and campaign organization. Our endorsement is not given lightly; it is something that is reserved for those candidates who meet certain criteria and thresholds. It must be earned."

The "Trade Rating" is low by 3
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