Another letter, This one from Sen Doug Whitsett

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    Some good advice

    The Second Amendment is the lynchpin of our United States Constitution. I have strongly opposed any infringement on that unalienable right, including any expansion of the mandatory state background check system. I will not change that firm stance.

    For the past four years, fourteen Senate Republicans and Senator Betsy Johnson (D) have maintained a 15 vote coalition that has prevented any anti-gun bills from moving through the state Senate. I was instrumental in establishing that coalition.

    Two of the fourteen Senate Republicans were defeated in the November 4th election. Although I will continue to strenuously oppose anti-gun laws, our coalition no longer has the votes in the Senate to stop or in any way alter their passage.

    May I suggest that you and fellow passionate defenders of the Second Amendment focus your attention on developing two more strong no votes from among the Senate Democrat Caucus?

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    Someone posted that letter yesterday in another thread. What would have been more helpful, in my opinion, would be if he had suggested a couple of names that might be worth talking to. He probably knows these folks better than any of us, and if he knows a few that may be able to be swayed, it would be nice to know that up front.
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    Try these people first:
    1. Oregon Senate 2015 – Democrats

      Oregon House 2015 – Democrats

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