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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by blackdogclancy, Mar 6, 2013.

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    Looks like I better do the formal introductions. I've been a member and just browsing for several months. Grew up in Hillsboro and never really made it far from home, with the exception of several dozen trips to Korea, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Portugal, Spain, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico and oh don't forget the states to the north Canada. :D

    We were raised around firearms and Pops taught us to shoot the old Remington bolt .22 until we wore blisters in the palms of our hands. Those were the days of going to high school with a load of deeks in the back of the station wagon (jungle cruiser) and a couple of shotguns on the seat.

    Republican, small business, Pro 1st & 2nd. Small farm owner so we have a built in place to shoot coyotes, ducks, geese and yellow toothed varmints.

    so there's my :twocents:
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    Welcome BlackDogClancy,
    Your upbringing sounds a lot like mine.
    It doesn't seem so long ago that there were lots of pickups in the parking lot at the high school with rifles in the gun rack.
    I drove mine to school every day, never had it even commented on.
    It seems hard to believe that it's come this far this fast. And honestly, I was worried about the 2A back then.

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