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    Hey all, any of you using an annealer?
  2. iusmc2002

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    Are you talking about one of the ridiculously expensive contraptions that uses 1-2 propane torches and a disc with holes for the shells that spins them inside the holes as the disc turns around the thing? If so, then no.

    If you're talking about a propane torch standing up and a cordless drill with a socket on it, then yes.
  3. deadshot2

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    No. Won't either. The time you spend loading the hopper on one or standing there placing each case as the machine turns is no savings at all.

    I use an impact deep socket in a cordless drill with a single torch. Takes 4 seconds per case, just like the giraud. Results are just as good and my total cost for the "equipment was less than $10 for the socket and adapter. Add a few more if one doesn't already own a torch.

    As an added benefit, I can STOP annealing a case when it gets too hot where the machine is set to hold the case in the heat for the same amount of time, regardless of any variation of case thickness or heating characteristics.

    For those that have an extra $400+ lying around, fine. I'd rather invest that kind of money in a .223 Bullet feeder to go with my XL-650. Get it set up so all I'll need to do is bribe my grandson to pull the handle after I load powder, primers, annealed cases, and bullets, in the machine.:cool::cool:

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