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Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by cbzdel, Jun 24, 2010.

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    Is there a standard for where a right hand shooter would wear an ankle holster (e.g. which leg and inside or outside)

    I know its not the most practical holster but it allows me to carry at work and not think about it. I had a client come around the corner and my jacket was up a little exposing part of the grip of my pistol and he mentioned it and was on edge the rest of the meeting :confused:
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    I don't know if there is a "standard way" to wear an ankle holster. I wear mine on my strong side leg on the outside of the leg. I can drop to one knee and I only have to clear a few inches of pant out of the way with my weak/support hand to draw with my strong/primary hand. The ankle holster is already fairly deep concealment and makes your gun not as readily accessible as other carry methods. I see no point in further complicating the affair by creating a cross-draw or having to reach inside your leg and clear the weapon around your calf or shin before you can use it.

    I wear my ankle holster with slacks, suits, jeans, etc. and have no printing issues. If you are a fan of light-weight linen or silk pants you might have to move the holster to the inside of your leg, but for cotton/wool/poly blend pants, the fabric has enough weight to drape over the gun and holster just fine. Besides, when someone does see it, they usually think it is an ankle brace. I have to remember not to cross my legs when seated in public!
  3. nwhpfan

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    If you're right handed, you should wear it on the inside of your left leg. Makes it easy to draw wtih both hands.
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    It depend on your stand and walking position. I normally stand with my right leg in front of me. When bend down i use my right hand pull my jean up and use my right hand pull out my firearm from the right side of my feet. No inprint at all.

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