*** Correction: This pistol is nickel plated. I do not have the box ***

The Model 49 is the Bodyguard style of revolver, with the camel hump hammer shroud on the back of its frame. The Bodyguard with its shrouded hammer, unlike the Centennial, remains snag-free for pocket carry while allowing for single and double-action fire. The hump also helps the Bodyguard to stay in position when carried in a pocket holster. The Bodyguard was introduced first in the Airweight version as the Bodyguard Airweight in 1955. It later became the Model 38 in 1957. The steel frame Bodyguard was introduced as the Model 49 Bodyguard in 1959.

This particular gun, with Serial number ACM7XXX, was manufactured in 1983. This gun was purchased new by my friend's uncle who is a serious, avid collector. The gun has remained unfired and kept in his safe. I was assured the gun has never been fired and there is no evidence to suggest that it has. I recently purchased it on a whim as my buddy was helping sell off the collection. As I won't own any gun I don't shoot and already have a Model 642 I use for everyday carry, I'm letting it go.

I've taken several pictures with the hope of providing all views you may want to see and communicating the excellent condition of this firearm. It really is an outstanding example of Smith & Wesson quality.

Price: $455. Given the current pricing on new snubbies (with the internal locks resembling a pimple) and the condition of this gun, I think this is a very fair price. As far as trades, I am looking for a 3rd Generation Glock 19.

I have an outstanding record of buying and selling on various gun sites and eBay; buy with confidence. I will accept USPS money orders and PayPal (add 3% to the price). All laws apply and if shipping is required I'll ship at your expense for actual cost. I will require a Bill of Sale.

Contact me at [orygunmike *at*]. As I am listing this on multiple sites, I'll handle offers based upon order of receipt in my eMail.
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